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How to match jeans to make it popular


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In the face of "jeans" this fashion pet, in terms of collocation must be careful, otherwise how to dress up their charm? So in order to save thousands of beauty lovers, Shangpai textile shares some tips here:
1. Sports shoes are now an integral part of jeans. But jeans and sports shoes and T-shirt collocation is the most "pediatric", only choose a pair of details or style of unusual jeans, can be extraordinary.
2. Compared with previous years, more and more young people wear high top shoes, such as belt high top shoes, elastic high top shoes and so on. These high top shoes were originally made for homework or mountaineering. They are not suitable for all jeans. Which kind of high top shoes are suitable for which style of jeans, you have to try them on yourself!
3. T-shirt, blue jeans with white T-shirt is the most "orthodox" collocation, which is better than youth and vigor. Among the famous brand T-shirts, perhaps the most popular one is Hanes. Choose a smaller Hanes T-shirt and pour boiling water to make it smaller until it's a little tight on you. With straight jeans, it's very chic.
4. Suit top, suit top wear plaid shirt, and then tie, with straight jeans is the best. The choice of suit top, shirt and tie should be cautious. Three buttons can be selected for suit top to make it casual. You can't wear a shirt with a T-shirt.
5. Jeans, white jeans with white jeans, wearing natural color T-shirt, is a proper match. Of course, blue jeans can match blue jeans, but when jeans match, you should pay attention to the color of upper and lower pants, that is, you should choose the same degree of fading pants.

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