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Some points for attention in knitting denim garment making and washing


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Knitted denim is a brand-new denim product developed by combining the advantages of knitting and denim. Knitted denim fabric should have the basic characteristics of dyeing yarn with indigo, etc., and can obtain good washing and processing effect.
1. Knitted fabric is elastic and easy to deform. When pulling and cutting, small tension should be used. Do not pull the cloth edge too hard, which is easy to cause hem, curl and ruffle.
2. The cover of knitted denim is relatively wide. Generally, the cover of knitted denim reaches 170-180 cm (67 inches or more). Pay attention to this change when arranging the shipping mark. At the same time, the transverse and longitudinal shrinkage range is larger than that of woven denim. The transverse and longitudinal shrinkage of knitted denim is generally 6-8%.
3. When cutting, it is necessary to distinguish the transverse direction and the longitudinal direction. Generally, the longitudinal direction refers to the needle hole direction of the set edge of knitted denim. Avoid mistakes.
4. As the knitted denim is more elastic than ordinary denim and the fabric is softer, the knitting method of garment making should be used when turning. If the garment factory is used to turning ordinary denim, it is suggested to adjust the bottom plate, change the bottom plate to active cloth feeding, use fine needle for clothing turning, and the operation of garment turning workers should be more careful, etc.
5. According to the quality of the car, it is suggested to cut the thread first and then wash the water. The number of machines to be removed from one machine should not be too much. In the process of washing, especially in the process of handwork, do not break the yarn of denim. Shangpai textile recommends not to do ragged treatment.
6. Like ordinary elastic denim, it should not be treated with high temperature and strong acid and alkali for a long time to avoid damaging elasticity.

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