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SHANGPAI School: common sense of jeans purchase


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What are the general ways to check the quality of a jeans?
The quality of jeans we refer to mainly refers to the internal quality, which is usually independent of brand and style. The inner quality of a pair of jeans is mainly composed of fabric quality, plate design, quality of vehicle workers, washing quality and auxiliary material quality. Whether a jeans is high-grade, in addition to exquisite workmanship and good version design, the quality of fabric and water washing almost determines the grade of the whole trousers.
Why is the quality of fabric crucial to a jeans?
Jeans are a special kind of clothing. Its main feature is long life, and the value of products is increasing with the increase of life. That is, the older jeans, in fact, should be more valuable and more beautiful. The more beautiful the washing, the older the more flavor, jeans are different from the general clothing characteristics. To achieve this, the texture of the fabric is undoubtedly crucial. Jeans with bad fabric are not only short life span of products, uncomfortable wearing, but also easy to change and fade color. They can not achieve the more valuable effect of the older and more valuable in the wearing process. At the same time, jeans' added value is also reflected by washing water. The quality and effect of washing water is completely dependent on the texture of the fabric. Without good fabric, it is impossible to make a very high-grade washing effect. Can say, a jeans grade, largely depends on the fabric grade. When buying jeans, consumers do not consider fabric factors, which is a very immature performance.
Why do we say that the wholesale market is a fake goods inferior product with the price below 30 yuan?
The cost of a jeans is mainly composed of fabric cost, processing cost, auxiliary material cost, washing cost, circulation cost and business profit. Among these costs, the most easily made fake is fabric. For the textile and clothing line, as long as the price of cotton and yarn is a little understood, people will know how much fabric a jeans consumes, and this part of the fabric is multiple, so it is easy to calculate the fabric cost of a jeans. According to the current international price of cotton and cotton yarn, it is easy to conclude that if it is not adulterated and fake, it is impossible to make such low price finished products.
What means do the fabrics adulterate in the market at present?
There are usually raw material adulteration and tissue adulteration. Raw material adulteration mainly refers to the use of chemical fiber with relatively low price instead of cotton, as well as the use of Cotton falling and recycled cotton (equivalent to the recycling of waste paper in paper industry) which seriously affects human health to yarn for weaving denim. After dyeing into dark color, the consumption is usually not discernible. For example, the 10 ring spindles with better quality in the market now generally cost 23000 yuan / ton to go up and down, but the yarn from recycled cotton is only thousands of yuan a ton, which is surprisingly different. The elastic fabric uses inferior spandex to make the product wash several times and there is no elasticity. At the same time, the price of dyes used for yarn dyeing is also very different. The cloth with poor quality is usually dyed with the cheapest dye. The organization adulteration means that some fabrics look like qualified fabrics, but the organization is obviously sparse, and the fabric style is far less than the qualified products, that is, to cut down the work and reduce materials. In addition, the general poor quality cloth is usually woven by the elimination of old machines (the price is only less than one tenth of the imported new loom). Due to the limitation of equipment, the fabric is not only organized single, the variety is mainly for the large road goods, but also the fabric surface style is obviously poor, and the cloth surface is particularly spooky.
What is the concept of Version (pant type)?
Generally speaking, it is a jeans in the paper sample, all the pieces of data and parameters. The style and quality of the version design directly affect the comfort and aesthetic appearance of a pair of jeans. Many consumers often confuse the version with the style.
What principles should consumers follow when buying jeans?
First of all, you have to choose the version, version type is not their own, other aspects of the jeans should not be bought. The good version suitable for her should be put on, the whole body is comfortable, no feeling of lay, the curve of the girl's hip and leg can reflect the perfect, and there is no discordant loose phenomenon. After the version and size fit themselves, it depends on the fabric texture, washing quality and the quality of the vehicle workers, then checks the quality of auxiliary materials such as the zipper, and then see if there is any style of your own interest in the product. Finally, the comprehensive price factors can consider whether to buy it.
How to check the quality of the vehicle workers?
Generally, consumers will see, you can open the trousers to see, lock the edge line, car line quality is relatively easy to see. At the zipper, there are many kinds of lines. It can also be seen whether the driver is exquisite or not, and the quality of the jujube line should be checked. There is a simple way to see the quality of the car maker. Just look at the trademark mark in the back waist of the pants. Because the mark is usually small, the line is a test for the driver. Small things are not easy to get. When talking about the quality of the automobile workers, we can not forget the quality of sewing thread. Generally, the quality of low-grade goods is also very poor, and it will be broken once pulled.
How to simply look at the quality and grade of washing water?
The quality and grade of washing water are the main factors determining the grade of jeans. Generally, high-grade jeans will be relatively complex and hand-made, and the hand washing design will be more characteristic. Because many washing processes are mainly made by workers by hand, the washing quality will be different in the same batch of goods with the same brand. Usually good washing water, it looks natural, whether it is hand rub, monkey or oil painting, the more effect of washing is like the fading effect of natural wear after years of wear and washing, the better. The poor washing, at a glance, does not look real and unnatural.
How to choose the color of jeans?
Jeans used to be very single in organization and color. Now jeans are also fashionable and rich in color. But basically indigo and blue black are the main. The main reason is that the effect of blue washing is the most popular, and can withstand the test of time. Those jeans have been popular for some time, but they have been blowing like a gust of wind. So for most consumers, too much fuss about the color of jeans is a little fuss. Indigo is not solid color, has more beautiful effect, so it is also jeans eternal beautiful color.
The weight of the fabric is related to the warp and weft density of the yarn and the thicker the yarn density is, the greater the weight is. Generally, it can be divided into light, medium and heavy. Light cloth weighs 200-340 g / m2, medium 340-450 g / m2, heavy weight is over 450 g (13 oz / sq. yard).
What are the concepts of ounces, yards and inches?
Oz, generally referred to as Oz in textile industry, is converted to 28.375 g for 1 ounce, but 28.35g on the cloth machine. 1 yard = 0.9144 M. 1 inch = 2.54 cm. The length of denim is usually calculated in code. How many yards is the roll? How much is your fabric? Jeans are usually sized in inches, such as determining the size of the hip of 27 by 91 cm, 28 is one inch larger than 27, and 26 is one inch smaller than 27. Some consumers think their hip is metric two foot eight, that jeans size is 28, which is not accurate.
Because the general consumer will not identify the fabric and version and the washing quality, it is usually assumed that all is centered on the style and price. In fact, it is not meaningful to talk about style without the version and fabric texture and processing quality, which is also a considerable consumption mistake. When we buy Jeans, we only consider choosing the style we like only if we have no big problems in the pattern, fabric and processing. Many classic jeans including world famous brands are very simple in style. Even many ordinary consumers think it is ugly and not fashionable. But because they do well in the aspects of version, fabric and processing, even if the style is simple, the noble temperament of high-grade can be reflected. On the contrary, many jeans without internal quality, although the style imitation is good, but how to look is not superior products, and after washing several times, its quality is even worse. In addition, consumers don't pay much attention to the price performance of products when they consume, over pursue cheap garbage products or over superstition on some high price but not very good quality foreign brands, which is also a very immature performance.
The tall girl with good figure, short, medium and long trousers are all on. Short legs girls, not suitable for wearing pants below five, preferably wear shorts or knee pants plus high heels. Girls with thick thighs, it is better not to wear tight jeans. If only the thigh is thick but the leg shape is still very good and high, wearing shorts is also a good choice. Thin girls, the best not to wear pants and shorts, with the pants tube loose point but can reflect the hip curve pants is preferred. Straight pants are best equipped with wave shoes or other flat heels.
Why are the jeans styles of famous international brands usually made relatively simple?
Jeans have been popular for more than 100 years since they were introduced. Although their colors and styles have been changing, indigo and five bags have been their classic colors and classic. The simpler the classic, this is one of the features of jeans. Many styles, although popular for a while, are often difficult to last. Especially some low-grade products, styles and patterns on the market are made in vain. People who don't understand how to do it are also fashionable and tasteful. The real expert is dismissive of them. In fact, the really high-grade fabric is only suitable for reflecting its grade by making proper washing water, and then allowing time to extend its high quality. If those very high-grade fabrics are used to make many fancy designs, it is a bit of a waste of materials. Classic things, always by the connotation to reflect, jeans are the same.

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