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How to choose brand denim fabric?


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If you want to buy high-quality brand denim fabric, it depends on the washing and workmanship of the fabric. Washing makes the denim fabric softer and more fit the skin and body. The workmanship depends on whether the thread is uniform and dense, whether it is straight, and whether the thread is thick or thin.
The first thing to look at denim is the washing of denim. Washing has three functions. One is to make denim fabric more soft and fit skin and body to show body shape and curve; The second is to wash out all kinds of colors. The washing effect can be judged by whether the colors are natural, harmonious and beautiful. If there are patterns, whether the patterns are vivid, harmonious and unified is one of the marks. The blending of white and blue, and the natural transition of light and dark colors are good water system effects; Another purpose of washing is to give full play to the characteristics of high-quality fabrics. The worse the fabrics are washed, the worse they will rot, and the more they are washed, the more they will break. But the better the fabrics are, the more they wake up, and the more they are washed, the more glossy they will be. So the reason why denim fabrics are more beautiful is that when we wash denim fabrics by hand or by machine, Washing away the dust on the fabric one after another shows its luster. Washing again and again makes the color of denim fabric more natural and harmonious, and makes denim fabric more fit.
The second key point of looking at denim fabric is its workmanship. It depends on whether the thread is even and dense, whether it is straight, whether the thread is thick or thin, whether it is single strand or double strand. A well-made denim fabric will be in hand. It will be comfortable to look at its regular, horizontal and vertical, even and stable. If it is a poorly made denim fabric, it will be more economical and less sparse, Look at their lines, the lines are skew, sparse and dense, and the ends are everywhere. It's easy to find the quality of a denim fabric by its workmanship. It doesn't need much professional knowledge.
The third key point is accessories. Looking at accessories of denim fabric, you need to know a certain brand. Accessories of each brand have their own characteristics. Some buttons are deliberately worn out, while some logo is vague, but they are the original logo. However, there are several things in common. Leather label and zipper are soft and elastic. Good zipper is simple, smooth, and the sound is very clear, The poor zipper is the opposite.
Fourth, fabric is more difficult to recognize than accessories. Denim fabric is a difficult point for mass consumers. Shangpai textile will teach you a few simple ways to understand denim fabric. First, feel the weight. If a piece of denim fabric is heavy on the hand, it should be good except for being wet. Second, look at the lines. If the lines are crossed, then the fabric is not good. Give up appreciation. If the lines are twill, then you can continue to look at the others. Third, touch along the denim. You should feel the hardness and numbness of the denim's silk lines. It means that the fabric is elastic, just like eating instant noodles, The chewy kind of elasticity. Fourth, it has luster. Good denim facing the sun, you can see a little bit of reflective feeling, will not be dim, if it is dim, either washed, or inventory is too long.

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